Interment/Perpetual Care Prices and Policies

These are the current options and prices for graves/interments in the Marshall Cemetery:

  1. One traditional interment (whole body, vault required) in a single grave: $800
  2. One cremation interment (cremated ashes, vault optional) in a single grave: $800
  3. One traditional interment and one cremation interment in a single grave: $1,600*
  4. Two cremation interments in a single grave: $1,600*

* Interments need not occur at the same time, but the traditional interment must occur first unless a vault is used for the cremation interment.

Note: When cremation remains are placed within a headstone designed for the purpose, it is considered an “interment” under these options.

Marker Only

The right to place a marker commemorating a loved one without an actual interment requires the purchase of a cremation interment under the above options.

Memorial Headstones

One “upright” memorial headstone is allowed per grave, placed at the top of the grave. Any additional memorial(s) must be level with the ground. A single “upright” double headstone memorializing two interments (such as a husband and wife) on adjacent graves is considered the same as two separate “upright” memorial headstones under this policy. Prior to the placement of memorials (whether upright or ground level), the cemetery sexton must be notified and the location and gross dimensions of the memorial base must be approved by the sexton. The cemetery will then mark the location of the memorial prior to placement. There is a $25.00 fee for memorial location marking.


In summary, up to two interments (at least one must be a cremation interment) are allowed per standard grave, as long as the applicable fees have been paid. A deed is provided with each interment purchase, identifying the location of the grave or graves purchased, including the number of interments purchased per grave, unless the interment occurs concurrently with the purchase. If a grave is purchased with the intention of using it for a single interment, the right to a second interment (traditional or cremation in compliance with the policies as outlined above) can be purchased at a later date at the then current price per interment. A revised deed would be provided.

Additional Costs

These fees only purchase a right of interment in a specific location within the cemetery, and do not apply to any costs for goods and services related to the actual interment (opening and closing the grave, required vaults, marking headstone locations, etc).

Cremation Services

The Marshall Cemetery Association leases space in our building for a crematory owned and operated by Minnesota River Valley Service (an independent group of local mortuaries). The Marshall Cemetery Association is not directly involved in its operation.

The Minnesota River Valley Service Members include:


Grave purchases are currently handled by our Treasurer. He can be contacted at:

Lyle Moseng, Treasurer
Marshall Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 725
Marshall, MN 56258
Tel: 507-532-6614
Cell: 507-829-6080